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Supporting You At Your Home

PC and Laptop Repair:

If you have a fault with your PC or Laptop our recommendation is to call us at the earliest opportunity. Faults can often be made worse by continuing to use your computer and this might prevent us from carrying out what might normally be a relatively simple and economical repair.

If we cannot safely carry out a satisfactory onsite repair, we might have to return the unit back to our anti-static workshops but you can be assured, we will carry out the most cost effective repair possible and always inform you of any extra costs before proceeding.

Supporting Your Business

At JCD COMPUTER REPAIRS we understand the need to have an efficient, trouble free IT system in place. We know that downtime costs money and the inability to have a continually smooth running business is unacceptable. For this reason we have a structure in place which helps to meet these requirements and assures a quality, cost effective solution at all times.

We offer flexible one off site visits or short and long term service agreements.